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Every man would like to look his best as he waits at that altar for his bride. This is the very reason why finding the perfect wedding suit is very important for any groom. But the many designs and suit styles can make it all too confusing. So if you need a little hand in selecting that perfect suit, here are some time tested tips to help you out.


There are many factors that should be considered when it comes to finding that perfect wedding suit. One of the first is the fit. Suits should fit the groom perfectly. Men have the choice of getting one especially tailored for him or he can simply look for a ready made suit that fits him best. The difference here is that having a tailor made suit assures you of that perfect fit but they can be a little costly.

Looking for ready made suits with the perfect fit in the other hand can be quite hard to do. But once you find them, they can be less costly than the tailored ones. And finally, grooms also have the option of renting a suit. Although you won’t always get that tailored fit, rented suits are much more affordable than the other choices.


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Men have different body shapes and there are different suits that are made especially for that type of shape. Short body frames can be made to look taller by wearing jackets whose buttons start at the lower part of the chest. You can also opt to have suits that have vertical horizontal lines to create the illusion of a taller body frame.

For taller frames, an added feature to the height would be to add more depth by emphasizing the shoulders with suits that have cuts that draws attention to this body part. For those who already have broad shoulders, then the best choice would be to pick tuxedos with shawl collars which will complement the entire silhouette.


The second factor would be the style of the suit. There are many different styles and cuts that grooms can choose from. The best way to help you choose would be to base the style of that suit with the motif of the wedding. If you have a beach wedding, a casual embroidered shirt and some loose fitting pants will do great.

Church weddings on the other hand, may require you to dress up more formally with a classic tuxedo and black leather shoes. Of course, you can add little accessories to go with the motif of your wedding. And for garden weddings, you can opt to be in the middle. A button downed suit can be perfect.


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And finally, think of the comfort. A good fitting suit should be comfortable above everything else. For those who plan to have a tailored suit made, you can play around with the cloth and the material to make sure that the entire outfit is one hundred percent comfortable.

So make sure that you look your best and you feel as comfortable as you possibly can as you go about celebrating the start of a new life with a perfectly fitting suit for your wedding.


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