Mistakes While Choosing Bridal Lehenga


You are counting the days to your marriage and immersed in preparations. Needless to say, your wedding lehenga takes up much of your time. Right from the cut to the color and fabric, you would actually want to ensure that everything falls in place to pave the way for a great ensemble.

You have got options galore. There is possibly a world of designers to be explored. If you are not researching your options well then you are actually committing a huge mistake. There are so many wedding dress designers in Delhi itself. However, you should be duly aware of the fact that you cannot really go on to settle for a choice arbitrarily.

You can be swayed by the designs of a particular stylist initially. However, that shouldn’t mean that you should settle for designs of that particular designer without further research. You need to research background and track record of designers in terms of designs and quality. Documented below are more such mistakes that brides-to-be generally end up committing while choosing their bridal lehenga.

You are purchasing your jewelry after your lehenga

Everybody does it but the biggest of stylists out there are totally against it. They opine that you can still make amendments to your lehenga in accordance with your jewelry but doing the other way round would actually turn out to be a big dent on your budget. - Meet the desire of modest women to wear the clothes


You are “consumed” by trends

That’ the trend! To be swayed by trends – no matter in which century you are getting married. However, once again, designers are against settling for trends arbitrarily. What is a trend today might as well be outdated tomorrow. However, your wedding album will be there forever. Your wedding look – as such – should be timeless. Documented below are other mistakes committed by ladies when they are in the process of choosing bridal lehengas.


You are walking into a store and trying out things just for fun!

Now, there are various instances where girls might as well step inside a store and pick up something and try the same just for fun-knowing well that they will not really be able to afford it. You might as well not be able to see the harm in it- unless you are actually considering the fact that nothing that you pick up later within your budget will match up to what you had tried. What you are buying will pale in comparison with what you had tried. - Meet the desire of modest women to wear the clothes

You are rushing through your choice

Not recommended at all! From the right fit to the length and texture – if you want everything to be spot on-do make sure that you are freezing your lehenga at least three months prior to your wedding.

So, this remains our take on the top mistakes committed by brides-to-be while they are in the process of selecting their bridal lehenga. Make sure that you are taking note and not committing similar gaffes. Make an informed decision! And, you are sorted! Nail your look by accessorizing it properly. You are sorted! – Meet the desire of modest women to wear the clothes - Meet the desire of modest women to wear the clothesModanisa is a platform that provides online clothing shopping to a wide range of customers. Over 650 brands and 70 thousand products are sold, with thousands of packages shipped daily to five continents. Visit for the most recent modest clothing and promotions, as well as exclusive discounts available only on the store page.

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