Different Bags Girls Loves To Carry With


The term handbag for women was not coined until the twentieth century. However, this concept of carrying bag for woman has been in fashion since the time there was a need to carry belongings from one place to another. Most of the women in today’s world carry a bag when they are going to their work place, when they are going for a movie or a lunch with their friends.

It is impossible for a woman to carry her money, keys, credit cards and other important stuff in their hands as they have pockets smaller than those of the men. Women carry bags because of their functionality, but some women like to carry a bag perfectly matched with their outfit to create a style statement.

Shoulder bags

When it comes to functionality, there is an array of bags available. The most commonly used bags by women are shoulder bags. It is a side hanging bag with a single strap that rests on the shoulder. It is generally used by school going girls to carry their books and other necessities to school and tuitions.

Athletic bag

A functional bag as it has a lot of space and is comfortable to carry. It is used by women who love playing any sport or go to the gym regularly. It enables them to carry all their basics needs.


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Backpack is an essential, meaningful and utilitarian bag. It is used by girls and ladies for travelling. It is convenient because of the fact that it can be carried on both the shoulders and has a lot of space to accommodate all the travel essentials.

Clutch Bag

A clutch bag is also quite functional when it comes to bags for girls. It is carried by women to parties and dinners and goes well with both traditional as well as western dresses for girls. It has room enough for the women to accommodate the belongings they need for the particular event.


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Shopper’s Bag

A shopper’s bag is a must for all the women. Shopping and women go hand in hand so such a bag is of vital importance. You can adjust the handle size as per your need and fit in a lot of stuff in it. It is very practical and adequately pleasant to carry. It has top opening zippers making it stylish.

Tote Bags

The tote bags are large and give you the opportunity to take with you a lot of your belongings. Tote bags are mod, snappy and fashionable. They are well structured in leather and easy and useful to carry. Among the bags for girls, a tote bag is a must for every woman as they are multipurpose and will never go out of fashion.

The above mentioned bags for girls are dual purpose bags as they serve the purposes, fashion and function. Not only will they carry all the needs like wallet, keys, lipsticks, eye pencils, cell phone and the like but they will act as a groovy, in vogue fashion accessory to accentuate her outfit. With the beautiful and vivid colored hand bags available every girl should know when to carry which bag and how to match it with the best western dresses for girls and footwear for girls.

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