The Return of Gorgeous Boxy Evening Bags


Many people look at it as vintage bags – olden, outdated box bags. But wait I’m not really talking about grandma’s box bags that’s placed on her side table where she had her stuff and scraps stored. I’m talking about fashionable evening box bags you can show off in special occasions.

Seemingly, there is one famous celebrity who loves wearing these gorgeous boxy bags around in full confidence. Chichi Paloma Faith, singer with its flaky fashion statements. Varying from the normal, she usually carries with her the boxy evening bags she probably collects. The beautifully adorned square-sided box bags which are usually spotted by paparazzi make her famous and popular enough as she usually standout in the crowd.

Indeed, a few of the ramp models got the same look as Mulberry brought their collections in London Fashion Week February 2011 with their theme on English countryside fashion. It is the kind of look which is not far from Paloma Faith’s.


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Yes, the old-fashioned boxy bags design is in for this year’s fashion. Recently, there were a few celebrities who started collecting their famous blast the past bags- hot box evening bags. Just to be part of this year’s fashion.

Fashionable Purposeful Boxy Bags

Spacey spacious boxy bags are not only created for a desired look or a fashion statement but basically functions a lot for any woman who used to bring plentiful stuff when going out on special occasions. To whatever reasons, the generous handbag is more than necessary anyone can carry.

And good news, you don’t need any personal assistant who will carry the things you need. With the handbag, any woman is free and comfortable to carry whatever you want since its roomy.

Evening Box Bags Models and Designs

Aside from Mulberry box bags version, there are a few you can also check for your choices.


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La Regale 25203 Minaudiere is a black satin box evening bag with its beautiful rhinestone top closure you can clasp. The boxy bag is with a knot double-handle bag to make it easy for you to carry. Inside is made of satin and mirror. The boxy bag will give a nice combination of the classic and the modern look.

Rhinestones Grated Leaf Velvet Rectangular Hard Case Evening Handbag Purse is another spotted boxy bag to complete your evening look. The bizarre antiquated bags are available in Amazon.com.

Many are somehow shy to show off the bulky boxy bags since it will surely catch attention but this Rectangular Hard Case Evening Handbag Purse will do you away that sharp look from the crowd. Stylish, unique and tune anyone up as it is the classic and the elegant fashion combined.

The handbag is not that roomy as the usual boxy bags but it will perfectly secure anyone’s valuables inside with its invisible magnetic lock.

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