Pump Shoes for Your Comfort


Do you have a wide sole, big foot and unshapely toes? Do you have problem fitting sexy high heels and can’t fit to most hottie stilettoes? Then finding shoes must be your problem.

Women who love glamour do not limit themselves with the simple look from flat shoes. Heeled shoes make women dashing, chic and smart. The shoes make women look firm and alert as the shoes push the spine to let them stand straight and tall making anyone look on their edge.


But what if your feet are unusually big? What if your feet make you hamper from choosing the sexy shoes you love to collect? If that is the case, you need shoes that are perfectly sexy without making you feel stuck and bandaged. Then pump shoes is for you.


The History of Pump Shoes

Originally pump shoes or “pompe” is flat shoes comfortably used by men in the year 1500s. They used to be plane, no lace, no buckle. They’re classic shoes and definitely simple with their wide sole making feet comfortable and feeling free. The shoes are designed for an easy wear. The upper is cut open closer to the toes so you can slip on them easily without a hassle and you got them on in no time


The New Characteristics of Pump Shoes

Recently, pump shoes are available in heels and making women really look feminine. Pump shoes has transformed a lot in its design and features. The classic style has been enhanced by great shoe designer to meet the needs of women in the new generation. There are even pump shoes designs in different combination making it lovelier than the usual pump shoes.


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Open Toe Pumps

These days, pump shoes is already available with opening in the toes which makes women in bigger feet feel comfortable when they wear one. Open Toe Pumps signify the classic looks of the 80s emphasizing comfort on women’s toes. The opening gives toes more freedom and freshness. There are pumps in bigger opening and there are also in peep toes.

Peep Toe Pumps

Peep toe pumps are designed with a smaller opening in the toes making any woman look more playful and at the same time hide ones unshapely toes. It is perfectly designed to make anyone look trendy leaving you the comfort that any woman need. Peep toe pumps are perfect for those who stay long in standing position and walking around more often.

Point Toe Pumps

Still wide and comfortable, pointed toe pumps looks are designed to create an emphasis on the legs. It is still give the same comfort that a wider feet needs and at the same time making it sexier and a hottie.


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Round Tip Toe Pumps

A classic but stunning look for every woman who wants their toes relaxed and not pressured. The design is created extremely comfortable even in heels. Round Tip Toe Pumps are designed with a good room even for the unshapely toes.

Square Toe Pumps

Like any Pump shoes, Square Toe Pumps is created for comfort. This one also gives you the perfect classic look you can rely on. The design is for the wide feet to make toes rest even in a long walk or standing often times.

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