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How to Dress For Your Shape

Krist S Clothing

“Every woman’s goal in life is to look good always. With so many choices in the market you might find it hard to find the perfect clothes for you. If you’re on a budget then you might think that your choices are limited but in truth there are so many clothes that are on sale that you won’t find it hard to mix up your wardrobe.

When going shopping go for the classics. Don’t go chasing trends after trends when you know you can’t afford them. Go for the basics and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Keep in mind that you should dress for your body type not for the fashion trends.

Women have different body types and you should be aware on what type your body is before you go shopping. Here are the basic body types most women have:

The Classic Hourglass Shape

Your figure is what most women long for! If you have proportionate bust and hips with a small waist then you are one of the lucky women. You should flaunt your curves and show off that small waist. Don’t wear loose clothes that will hide your figure.

Pear Shape

Pear shaped women has wide hips, small shoulders and small waist. They appear bigger than their weight due to their heavy bottom. Go for clothes that have wide necklines. This can make your upper body look wider. Jackets that have padding are a great fashion trend for you. Straight skirts are also flattering to your figure.

Inverted Triangle

These women are the total opposite of pear shape. The top part of your body is bigger than the bottom. You have wide shoulders, small waist and narrow hips. Flared jeans or bubble skirts can make your hips look wider.


Round shaped women have big busts, thick waist but with slim hips and legs. Choose a loose fitting top and go for v-necks. Wear fitted skirts and skinny jeans to show off your great legs.


Like a diamond, women in this body type have narrow shoulders, curvy hips and thighs. Go for tops that flare out in the bottom. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight as this can show your figure that’s not proportioned.


This body type has all parts in proportion. This is sometimes called a boyish figure. Go for tops that are longer in length. Don’t use belts and clothing that draws attention to your waist. Flaunt your assets by showing some skin. You can wear full skirts and any kinds of jeans.

Dress to fit your body type. The dress does not alter itself to fit you. You must find clothing that suits and fits you well. Go shopping with a friend who can give you an honest opinion. Exchange ideas and opinions on what looks good. Be open with the idea of changing your style choices.

No matter what your shape is, just be confident in yourself. You should be proud of your curves and assets. Don’t hide them rather flaunt them for people to see. Don’t be afraid of the tape measure. There are plenty of sites online that will help you figure out what kind of body type you have. The key to looking good in the outside is to feel good in the inside. Stand tall and be proud of how you look.”